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Why Choose Us?

1. Our company has developed for nearly 10 years with powerful strength.We are absorbed in expanding the overseas market.

2. Compared with other craft brothers, most of our products are with reasonable price on the basics of products quality ensurance. Our absolute advantage of products and price is based on the directly supply relationship with many manufacturers and factories in the nearly 10 years' development process.

3. We only provide products that reach 3A standard (3A standard:product quality and safety,vendibility rating and popularity,customer feedback).Products reaching 3A standard can only be displayed.

4. We supply high quality products and perfect service for you based on our most efficient management and professional work teams.

5. Our advantage also reflects in the logistics and transportation. You could enjoy free shipping worldwide here, no matter the quantity of the products you purchase.

Wholesale Policy

1. Target wholesalers

We welcome the wholesalers from all around the world,but only cooperators with practical operating capacity and sincerity.Operating capacity refers to possess firm and strong customers base or entitative store,accomplish the expected volume of trade,and cooperate sincerely.

We only provide wholesale for real products.All the wholesale products have to be paid before delivery (or customers come to pick up after down payment).For people who query the quality of our products or our sincerity,please don't waste your time on issues of credit or quality.

2. Member's levels

Our "Common Member"
   Register for member of wholesaler, please write down the detailed and trueinformation,contacts,and self-statement.The quantity of one product should not
lower to 10.

Our"Experiences Member"
   We also call it regular customer,wholesaler common membere can be updated to experiences member after complete the first wholesale transaction.Experiences
member will get 5% "Experiences Member's discount"  when place the second wholesale order.The qualification of wholesaler experiences member will be cancelled from us if didn't complete the second experiences wholesale within 60 days. 
Our "VIP Member"
   Our company's CRM system focus experiences member's wholesale order every time,when reach certain amounts,you would be through the authentication and
become our VIP Member who can get our more favorable price and service.

More details please read our Discount&VIP policy.

Wholesale Method

1. Confirm the order
Online order: Select the products you want and place your order.
Non-online order: Please note down the product ID,product name and quantity to our sales manager, We will confirm the stock and preparation time of the
product,transport method and shipping fee,etc.

2. Payment
You can pay to us through west union,moneygram,bank transfer(TT).We will transport the products immediately after the payment.

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